Joining EpSSG

What is the EpSSG Association?

The EpSSG Association is a legal structure to protect and promote the activities of EpSSG. The principal objective of the Association is to improve the quality of care offered to children, teenagers and young adults with soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Its aims include:
  • spread best clinical practice to improve care in both European and non European countries
  • provide expert opinion to physicians who treat STS
  • promote and support clinical trials
  • promote communication between clinical and research institutions and increase national and international cooperation in the fields of health services, science and education
  • improve information available to patients with STS and their families
  • raise awareness amongst health professionals and the general public of the issues affecting patients with STS

The EpSSG Association is able to raise and hold funds to support the work of EpSSG and assumes responsibility for all activities undertaken by EpSSG.


Ordinary Membership of the Association is open to those actively involved in care, research or training in the field of paediatric / adolescent oncology and, specifically, soft tissue sarcoma.
Members are eligible to attend and vote at meetings of the Association and to stand for election to office within the Association. The Assembly of Members (General Assembly) is the sovereign body of the Association and meets at least twice a year. Members vote for the Board, elect the Chair, authorise the budget, determine membership fees, and define the principal strategic direction of EpSSG activities.


Fees are paid by members on an annual basis. The level of the fees to be paid is regularly reviewed and set by the Assembly of Members.

Application process:

Individuals wishing to join EpSSG should contact Julia Daragjati, EpSSG Secretary at