Indeterminate pulmonary nodules in non‐rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcoma: A study of the European paediatric Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study Group.

Giraudo C, Schoot R, Cardoen L, Stramare R, Coppadoro B, Bisogno G, Bouhamama A, Brennan B, Brisse HJ, Orbach D, Coma A, Di Paolo PL, Fayard C, McDonald L, Moalla S, Morosi C, Pace E, Tang V, van Noesel M, Ferrari A, van Rijn R. Cancer 2023 Oct 17. doi: 10.1002/cncr.35061. Online ahead of print.

Radiologists should be aware of the classification of indeterminate pulmonary nodules in non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcomas and use it in their reports. More than a third of patients with non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcoma can be affected by indeterminate pulmonary nodules. Indeterminate pulmonary nodules do not significantly affect the overall survival of pediatric patients with non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcoma.