The Board

This is a group of between 7 and 11 individuals elected from the membership of EpSSG who are responsible for the general management of all EpSSG activities.The Chair of the Board is elected by the Assembly and the Board elects, from its own members, the Vice Chair and the Treasurer of EpSSG.

Trial Management Committees (TMC)

Each EpSSG study is managed by a committee responsible for the oversight of the trial. The role of each TMC is to undertake regular review of the development, implementation, recruitment, safety, closure and analysis of the study. The chair of each TMC is appointed by the Board and its membership is agreed by the chair of the TMC with the approval of the Board.

Sub Committees

All professional disciplines necessary for the effective delivery of EpSSG studies, and other groups involved in the delivery of other aspects of EpSSG business, are coordinated by the work of designated sub committees. The chair of each sub committee is appointed by the Board and its membership is agreed by the chair of the sub committee with the approval of the Board. Current Sub Committees include those relating to: Biology; Pathology; Phase I / II studies; Radiology; Radiotherapy; and Surgery.

Assembly of Members

All members of EpSSG are members of the Assembly. This is the sovereign body of EpSSG. The Assembly is required, by statute, to meet at least twice a year. The Chair of the Board serves as the Chair of the Assembly.

The role of the Assembly is to:

  • Elect the Chair and Executive Board members
  • Approve the accounts and the budget
  • Determine membership fees
  • Define the general programme of EpSSG activities
  • Decide on any subject related to the management of EpSSG referred by the Board

National Coordinators

EpSSG studies recruit patients across a wide range of countries each of which have their own structures, languages and legal requirements. All countries participating in an EpSSG study must be represented by a National Coordinator (NC). The role of the NC is critically important to the successful conduct of a study in each participating country / national group. The NC will liaise with the EpSSG Board, the International Data Centre (IDC) and the individual Trial Management Committees to address and resolve problems in the implementation of the study in his/her own country / national group.

Coordinating Group

The Coordinating Group is a structure within EpSSG that functions in an advisory capacity to the Board. Its membership consists of the members of the Board, Trial Management Committees and Sub Committees and all National Coordinators. It meets twice a year at the same time as the EpSSG Assembly, and at other times if requested by the Board.

International Data Centre (IDC)

The IDC is located at the Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Unit, Istituto Oncologico Veneto – IRCCS, Padova, Italy. The role of the IDC is to collect, monitor and analyse data from EpSSG studies. This also includes the work of the Safety Desk (directed by members of the Board) which reviews and evaluates safety reports generated by treatment centres participating in EpSSG studies and makes recommendations to the relevant TMCs and to the Board.

Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC)

The progress of EpSSG studies, in particular the conduct of randomised studies, is overseen by the IDMC which receives reports from the International Data Centre and advises the Board and the relevant TMCs about ongoing conduct of studies in line with recruitment rates, statistically defined stopping rules, and toxicity profiles.

Supporting the work of EpSSG

EpSSG has no consistent source of income and therefore relies on the generosity of foundations / charities and on grants from other organisations to support its work. If you are interested in offering a donation to the work of EpSSG, please contact the EpSSG Secretary at who will be pleased to discuss your interest further.