06 December 2018


Utrecht December (5) 6-7 2018

Location: Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU)’: Heidelberglaan 100, Utrecht

EPSSG Winter Utrecht meeting 2018 - December 6-7
Official EpSSG Winter Meeting 2018


Find enclosed EpSSG Winter meeting programme and Symposium programme.

Wednesday December 5
INSTRuCT meeting (9.00-14.00) closed meeting
Panel Meetings (14.00-18.00) closed meetings

Thursday December 6:
FaR-RMS Trial Management Committee (8.00-9.30) National Coordinators only
Registration will start at 8:00 till 9.30
Official meeting starts at 9.30 till 18.15

Friday December 7:
General Assembly with elections (EpSSG members ONLY) 8:30 - 9:30
Meeting starts at 9.30 till 13.00
Board meets Parents (14.30-15.30) closed meeting

Saturday December 8
Pathology Panel meeting (9.00-17.00) closed
Location: tbc

Local host: Dr. Hans Merks

General INFO

You can come in Utrecht by plane (Amsterdam airport) and then take the train to Utrecht from the airport.

You can find list of hotels enclosed below.

The meeting on Wednesday will be held in the Prinses Máxima Centrum (Heidelberglaan 25, Utrecht). The meetings on Thursday and Friday will be held in the UMCU (University hospital Utrecht), Heidelberglaan 100, Utrecht.

General directions to Prinses Máxima Centrum:
1. Taxi: the taxi can park in front of the hospital. So if you give the taxi driver the address and/or mention the name of the hospital it should be OK
2. Bus: take bus 12 or 28 from Utrecht Central station (approx. 30 min). The bus stops right in front of the hospital. Bus stop: WKZ

Directions to UMCU:
1. Taxi: advice the taxi driver to bring you to Emergency and stop in front of Radio Therapy (close to Emergency).
2. Bus: take bus 12 or 28 from Utrecht Central station (approx. 30 min). The bus stops right in front of the hospital. Bus stop: UMCU. From there 2 min. walk.

You can come by car, but the parking costs about €20 per day.


Please note that the meeting is open to EpSSG members. Non EpSSG members can attend the meeting by invitation from an EpSSG member. All EpSSG and not EpSSG members must be registered following the link below of Registration. Deadline is November 20, 2018. For organizational reason registration after this date can not be accepted.

The meeting fee for non members is 50€ and can be paid by bank transfer (only).

The meeting fee (30 €) for members can be paid by bank transfer or paypal (follow link):

Bank details of EpSSG Association:
Bank Account Number 3548764
IBAN code (for European residents)
IT 71 A 01030 12159 000003548764
MONTE DEI PASCHI - Piazzetta Turati, Padova

EpSSG Winter meeting Programme

Symposium Programme

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